Welcome to Nordic Home!
A home for all the Nordic travel tips I have to offer.

Hi, I’m Stu, and I’m obsessed with Scandinavia and the other Nordic nations.

Here’s my tips for:

(Coming someday…)

Why listen to me?

I’ve been travelling these countries (from the UK – this site is unashamedly UK-centric) for almost 20 years now. Many trips to Sweden, Iceland, Denmark, Norway (inc Svalbard) and Finland give me a decent base to offer advice.

That said, I’m no expert. Here you’ll find information from someone who’s visited these countries 3-10 times, not someone who’s lived there. As such, my tips are likely to be useful to new visitors to these places, rather than those looking for the “inside track” – I’m a budget tourist, not a local, and not a resident. I’ve never been to Greenland, or the Faroe Islands, both of which are big ambitions for me – so no advice on those, as yet.

Cool, disclaimer done, I hope you’ll enjoy the site!

Getting around Nordic Home

In terms of navigation, I’ve started with Country FAQs – one-stop pages with the most concise version of the information I have about a given country. From there, you can click the underlined answers to learn more about the topic.

Then, I’ve added a listing of all articles related to a country under it’s own heading in the navigation bar. Hover over Iceland, and you’ll see all my Iceland articles to choose from.

I’ve also added a Gallery so you can see a bit of the kind of stuff I get up to when I visit these beautiful countries. I have cleverly labelled this section “Gallery” – neat, huh?

That’s it for now, and the site is very much “under construction” still – but hopefully you’ll find something of interest or use here.

Me at my (sadly only temporary) Nordic Home in Finland


Stu – April, 2019